Costa Rica quest

Experienced individuals say there is no high like the high of adrenaline. From a simple roller coaster ride to bungee jumping, people have devised various ways to keep the adrenaline pumping. In fact there are several vacations from all across the world that will give you just the rush you need for sustaining your mundane [...]

Female Condom- How to use

Condoms have been eponymous with male users for thousands of years. Even in ancient times, females were only afforded emergency contraceptive or abortion measures. This trend is being slowly changed by the recently introduced female condom. Saying it was recently invented would be incorrect, as the first publicly marketed condoms for women are dated back [...]

Transylvania, Romania

With the summer approaching the pressure of finding the perfect vacation spot for your family mounts as well. It has been a fancy trend for a couple of years now to spend the holidays in Europe. But Italy, France and Spain are always swarming with tourists. In spite of their luscious beauty there places have [...]

Chalet in the Alps

Since the Berlin wall was destroyed in 1989, Germany has been putting together its pieces of former glory and culture in aspiration to become one of top tourist spots of Europe. Not only is it famous among family vacationers, it is a heaven for backpacker as well owing to it rich art and heritage. One [...]

Maggie beat cancer

I am writing this 2nd inspirational and motivational article about those who have proven that Cancer can be conquered. I am sure you must have read my 1st article "5 People who’ve proven that cancer can be conquered". The spread of cancer, reaching pandemic proportions with millions of new victims every year, has spared no [...]


Ireland is a country where the sound of fiddles fills the air. The fabric of Ireland is rich with culture, art and lots of stories to bring back home. But when in Ireland you must now miss out these counties and their vivid history. Antrim Judging by its rich blend of traditional culture and modern [...]

Zebra Migration

Can you imagine walking from San Francisco to San Diego every year during the summer? Looks like, when we have been sitting back, revelling in the pride our knowledge and technology, a group of equestrians have been hoofing 311 miles (close to 500Kms) every year for the search of greener pastures, water and less harsher [...]

ice vests 2

The 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil kicks off on Thursday the 12th of June and to help the players cope up with the heat of playing for their respective countries in the heat of Brazil Adidas has launched its new range of adiPower pre - cooling vests and sleeves. The cooling vests will help the [...]

ignore pain

Pain relates to a sensation which hurts in medical terms. Feelings of discomfort, distress and agony are all relatable feelings when someone is feeling pain. There are many types of pain for instance a steady and constant one can be called an ache. It can be a pulsating or a throbbing pain. There are medications [...]


Google, other than being one of the most heavily relied on search engine, has proven to be quite the innovator in the internet-dominated global market. From the much hyped Google Glass to the interesting as well as educational doodles, Google has always been inclined towards the concept of technological growth and expansion, rather than towards [...]