Bloukrans Bridge is the highest commercial bridge bungee in the entire world. Located in South Africa, Bloukrans boasts of several world records. In 2003, Bloukrans Bungy was recognized as the highest commercial bungee jump and in 2008, the site managed to break two more world records. Safety Concerns Undoubtedly, the bungy jumping point boasts of [...]

Get Motivated

Everyone one of us has had days where we wish we could just be more motivated. Whether it's starting a new project, cleaning the yard or even starting a business--sometimes motivation seems to be just around the corner yet it feels so far away. Nonetheless, there are so many seen and unseen advantages to being [...]


The region of South Africa boasts of numerous diving locations, but none of them can compare to the wonder that is Sodwana Bay. This site boasts of breath-taking natural beauty in the form of colourful reefs that are capable of holding attention of both the international divers as well as the locals. The tidal pools [...]


The Kruger National Park, the second-largest game reserve in Africa and the largest in South Africa, is South Africa’s first national park and was established in 1926. The Kruger national Park is the flagship of South African National Parks, spanning a whole 360km from North to South, and 65km from East to West. This serene [...]


This video contains a very powerful message to humanity. Its message is timeless and it is probably more relevant today than when it was written back in 1940. It contains a speech made against oppressors and greed, but sadly there are more oppressors and greedy people today than ever before. If we do not learn [...]