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n the beginning of the year I wrote a post in which I tell that we were almost finished with our first project
Now a few months later we are still working on it. Yes, you could say we were a bit too positive, but that doesn’t matter, it’s how you handle it. Just put your back into it, dont ask questions and walk forward step by step, and eventually you will get there, where ever it may lead. The world doesnt give presents, you have to work for it.

Picture of

Picture of

Now what has happened since our last adventure. Well we almost finished the Dutch site, that is in fact now FINISHED YES! Its also optimised for Google Adsense and we are happy with the result it give us every month :-) The decision was made to extend our services to also other languages, and after some finding we found a French translator. Well translator is a big word, the guy spoke French and a ‘fair’ bit of English. Which in turn gave some frustrations after we came to the conclusion that his English wasn’t as good as we hoped for, and some communication errors were made during translating. To name a funny one, translating ROCK as in ROCK & ROLL, to the French word for STONE ;-) *nice*

Anyway, it may be obvious that there were some hurdles we didn’t expect, but looking at the end result, we still have a small sense of pride. We could have given up, but instead we put our backs into it. I invite you to take a look.

The french site has the same layout as the original

May it be succesful!


Team Fibonicci

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