The Epic Battle – For Paradise

Guess what? I really need to write something, but I have no idea what I am actually going to say, so this is as much as a surprise for me as for you reading this. So let’s just start and see where we will end. Ok? Like if you have any saying in this anyway…

Why I am writing this you may ask? Good question! I just asked myself the same thing. Somehow I have a feeling that I just have to type something. Anything! Doesn’t matter what it is, unconscious there is a voice that forces me to type the things I am thinking. Yes, I know, this sounds a bit fluffy and pointless maybe also. However, this is not something I am used to and that is maybe the reason that I am writing it now. To get used to writing articles! Oh yea that was real deep :P Somewhere I know I must do this, like a mother’s voice is shouting at me from down the stairs that I have to do my homework. You know she is right, but sometimes it takes some time, before it sets in.

Writing articles about your webpage can and will bring you enormous benefits in terms of Google SERP rankings and is heavily recommended by every SEO marketer out there, but as you may have guessed… I have never walked that path, because I am not so fond of writing articles. It seems that there is always something else (more fun) that needs to be done first. However writing articles with relevant content and linking these articles to your site is perhaps the most important thing you have to do to promote your website. So why not do this as the last thing you can do, as in our case. Do all the not so important fun things first and do the most important things last. The story of my life actually, but now it has caught up with me as you see, because this – what you are reading is actually – “a real article”. You may have heard the drumrolls and the “tuntantaaaa” sound you hear in cheesy B detective films when they reveal something amazing. Ok, you probably didn’t hear it. However I just did and that is most important at the moment and perhaps even a turning point in my life in becoming a pro content writer for my own websites! Yay, can you feel my enthusiasm???? :D

If you somehow did… Then I already have to disappoint you, because I have a tendency to talk and write with a lot of sarcasm, and the last is no different. The thing is that I know myself pretty good – you can say I have a lot of experience with disappointing myself with things I really wanted to do, but eventually never made any effort doing it. You can call that my alter ego. The one who doesn’t care and wants to do nothing all day. I know I have to write articles, because in the end it will do me a lot of good. My website’s SERP will go up, and also the value of my website will go up as the revenues it will produce. Making me a more happy person. As I said before, money doesn’t stink and you need money to make more money and so on and so on. So you would say that there has to be enough motivation for me to write articles. Yes for me, but you forget my alter ego. Let’s call him “Couch Potato”, because he just want to sit on a couch all day and he only eats potato’s every day, because he is too lazy to make an effort and make another recipe.

Now in fact this story finally made a point, and reveals the reason behind that unexplainable feeling that I had to write something. It shows my struggle…


- Lifetime Epic Battle -

versus Potato man

It’s between me – the good guy of course and the evil energy draining Couch Potato. That drains any motivation I have and forces me to sit on a couch, doing nothing all day long. My goal is to write a lot of articles in the coming future and make an active effort to steer my life into the calm sees of paradise, but I have to beat the Potato who will stop at nothing to drain my energy and let me rot away on my own couch. You probably never could have imagined that a potato could be this evil right? Now you know and I know also, because like I said in the beginning – that I had no idea what I am going to write. So this experience for me was a small trip into the twilight, where my unconscious self warned me of the hurdles I have to take on my road to paradise. Now I know like you that I have to battle the Potato again, but this time I will be prepared and ready…

So, lets get it on! Potato man. Huuhaaa!

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