Re-Starting the Engine

Hello all,

Yes, it has been a while since I have written a short blog about what has been going on lately. To cut straight to the point; We had a break, a long break of doing nothing, just sitting in front of the TV or PC, or game console playing Modern Warfare or Quakelive for that reason, just getting out of the stress of daily lives. It makes you wonder wtf happened? Something or someone just sucked all the time you have into some thing you can’t see. You don’t even know its gone, until you get warn out. Nice, but enough with the melodramatic mumbling. In our hard deserved break some good things happened also! Yes, why do you think I am writing this duh!

We doubled our revenue for one of our sites and also hit the 100.000 PV mark. The trend for the coming month is also very positive; analytics hits all green trend numbers. Mint analytics shows a steady linear increase every month of about 10-20% so and the forecast for the coming month makes me smile again :-)

Looking at Google SERP for some of our keywords, shows that we jumped a few places up the ladder and we are getting closer to that ever desirable number 1 position. To boost our SERP’s we decided to finally look at SEO marketing as a tool to boost some of our keywords even further and our website as a whole. Yes, we finally. I say that because we so far only looked at optimizing our pages and keywords, description meta date and so on and so on. This is not without any reason, the reason being that we kinda dislike writing articles about our website and requesting for links via a linkbaiting campaign, social marketing, link wheeling and so.

The thing is we did everything else and and it works, slow but steady, and now is the time, to boost our results a bit. So now you know our plan for the coming week, months. I am not sure how long this is going to take, but as long as analytics shows green figures and our adsense revenue grows alongside it – then I think we don’t have many things to complain about.

Money is money in the end and it never stinks ;-)

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