Dreadful Meteor in Russia breaks Youtube Record – 15th February 2013

A Dreadful Day in Russia- 15th February 2013

A streak of fireball that exploded in the skies on 15th Feb had panicked the people across 3 major cities and attributed in being one of the most dreadful days in the world’s biggest continent- Russia.

The dashboard cams in the cars of people in Urals made a significant contribution in spreading the news and flooding the web with videos around the world in no time. According to a recent blog post from Visible Measures, 400 videos of ‘meteor strike in Russia’ were uploaded in just a day.

The world who gives more attention to visual entertainment gave an overwhelming focus towards something that was scientific and space related! The russian meteor videos became the fastest growing viral video of all time on YouTube Records by garnering 130 million views over the weekend. Now, it accounts one-tenth of the viewership of ‘PSY’s Gangnam Style’ that still is been reigning as one of the most-watched YouTube video of all time.

It was 9 am when the sky was suddenly lit up by a flashing ball. People started thinking that a plane has crashed into their building, the walls were dislodged and metal structures inside were bent by the blast wave, their houses shook, windows shattered and cellphones stopped working. People were suspecting and literally asking each other for whether it was a military air plane that has been crashed or is it the end of the world. And it was evidently scary….. !

There were fears that more meteors were going to hit the area. There was an overnight drop in the temperature which was below zero and with shattered windows, people were in for a cold night.

It was just not about the shattered glass, but lots of old buildings were also damaged, the parts of the roof just collapsed. Their whole room just got filled with dust and everything became fragments of fog. Everything indeed looked like a scene from a sci-fi movie.

The explosion was so powerful that Nasa says it was as 20 bomb-strong as Hiroshima’s blast. Thankfully this meteor was not accompanied by any lethal radioactivity. People tried to console themselves that it wasn’t any kind of a terrorist or man-made attack, but a natural event taking place.
Over 1200 people were injured, People were trying to take a picture of the event but were thrown out by the wave, and their ears got blocked. Some got even hospitalized because of heart-attacks. Thankfully no one was killed and luckily the meteor didn’t hit any industrial places. The meteor was 17 m across, weighing 7,000-10,000 tons and may be that was the reason it became difficult to detect the meteorite storm in advance by the scientists.

It certainly reminds us that no matter how much the technology gets advanced, when it comes to nature, we can only watch despairingly and only hope for the best.

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  • Sherlyledies March 22, 2013, 3:19 pm

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