Incredible Creatures of the Deep Sea

1. Ribbon Eel can change their sex

Ribbon Eel can change their sex

They are undeniably beautiful and have pretty unique life cycle. In the initial stage, they start out as black and are born with male organs. Gradually, they mature and turn to blue and yellow and start to develop female sex organs. They can also produce eggs once they grow up to the length of 1.3 meters.

2. Marine Worms release bombs to distract their predators

Marine Worms release bombs to distract their predators

They have the ability to distract their predators and pursuers by releasing some sort of decoy to escape. They release “bombs” which are simple and fluid-filled. These bombs give off a immensely powerful light which lasts for several seconds.

3. Pacus Fish With Human-like Teeth

Their teeth are surprisingly human-like. They often dine on aquatic plants, snails and even nuts. Their infliction of teeth in humans can cause unbearable pain.

4. Pregnant Male Pipefish

For humans, the thought of taking the burden of pregnancy from the partner seems quite scary, but for seahorses it’s just part and parcel of life. After female seahorses mate with pipefish, they lay their eggs into a very special pouch in the male’s belly. So, the dad of the year award goes to none other than Daddy Pipefish!

5. Zebra fishes go blind at night

Zebra Fish

Every night, zebra fishes lose their ability to see, so they do nothing, but shut their eyes. Although they normally see during the day, they become totally impassive in the darkness.

6. Dolphins have a signature whistle to call

Dolphins have a signature whistle to call

Dolphins are known to have their own signature whistles that they often refer to themselves. Other dolphins therefore, mimic the signature whistles to call their friends.

7. Red-lipped batfish

Red-lipped batfish

This is quite an unusual creature with ‘dazzling red’ lips. It has all the possibility of being a brand ambassador of a lipstick brand because even after bearing a creepy body, they actually have compensated for it by having these killer lips. They are often seen walking than swimming.

8. Leafy Sea Dragon, the best unique disguisers ever

Leafy Sea Dragon, the best unique disguisers ever

They have the power to camouflage themselves around their surrounding plants that actually makes them indistinguishable.

9. Tripod Fish

Tripod Fish

Now, this is quite an interesting fish! This fish has the ability to stand on its three fins. It is only a 14 inch long fish but has long bony fins that are a yard long. It has both male and female reproductive organs and therefore, it can reproduce with itself if it is unable to find a mate.

10. Human-Faced Carp

Human-Faced Carp

And last but not the least here comes this impressive human-like fish with “human” features. Must be pretty scary scenario for the sea divers who may possibly suppose that it is a man’s ghost in a form of fish!

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