The Sky fall – Updates on Meteor Shower in Russia

  1. The meteorite crash was estimated to be at least 17 m across, weighing 7,000-10,000 tons. The explosion had a potency of 500 kilotons of TNT. ( i.e. 30 times the energy of the atomic bomb released in Hiroshima)
  2. As many people suspected the fact that the meteorite shower had some connection with the asteroid 2012 DA14, NASA has opposed it by saying that there is just no point in relating each other. It was just a coincidence that it occurred at the same time as a close call with the asteroid.
  3. The meteor that attacked Russia on 15th of Friday was one of the largest meteors that ever hit earth in over a century.
  4. The meteor was travelling at a high speed of 30 kilometers per second that is the reason that caused a real sonic boom.
  5. Over 1000 people were injured and had sought to medical help.
  6. Some amount of the debris that had fallen from the giant meteor had dropped across a wide area in the Ural Mountains. Reports say, it might have plunged into a lake. The lake soon turned into a tourist attraction with people coming to watch the alien like fragments of meteor in the area.
  7. The particles of the Meteor are estimated to be composed of metallic iron and made up of “ordinary chondrite”.
  8. There were also some claims made by witnesses in California, that they too reportedly saw a bright and sparkling object in sky on Sunday- 17th Feb.
  9. The Metropolitan Feofan of Zlatoust at Chelyabinsk has further added on the news that, “that this is a sign or warning to remember that we live in a fragile world and we could have been affected with more worst aftermaths”
  10. While it is another piece of story in the history of Science, there are some orthodox people associating the meteor hit with their religion. They have been reported to be relating the “Popes resignation” with the meteor strike in Russia.

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