The Top 10, Most Crazy, Ugly, Extreme, Amazing Deep Sea Fish, Creatures

Far underneath the sun’s reach, there is another exciting world filled with bountiful mysteries, enigmatic creatures and nightmarish landscapes – The Deep Seas. Below are the 10 exceptional and extra-ordinary deep sea creatures that are worth reading and watching. Click on the hyperlinks to watch their videos.

1. Mimic Octopus (The Spectacular Actor)

mimic octopus

The marine world has a clown too! Many octopuses can change their colors and contour their bodies into various shapes and sizes. A Mimic octopus can go beyond its relatives by actually mimicking other animals. It can shift its shape to look like multiple different kinds of sea creatures. It can take one arm and look like a sea snake or it can take all eight of its arms and compress itself from top to bottom, so that it swims flat like a flounder, sole or a lionfish. It will use different strategies in different situations. It can also change its color and texture to help itself match its surroundings. It is believed to be one of the most intelligent creatures in the sea. This wondrous animal is new to science which was formerly discovered in the tropical waters of Indonesia in 1998. It has the ability to take on the mannerisms and appearances of 15 different animals like sea shells, sea snakes, flounders, stingrays, lionfish and more. It feeds on crabs and small fishes.

2. Blob Fish (The Lazy Frowning Granddad)

blob fish

This bizarre and unique looking creature is primarily found in the depths of the seas of the Australian oceans where the pressures are exceedingly high. Its swollen nose, sad eyes and frowning face make it look even more unusual and miserable creature. It is extremely lazy as it sounds and looks. It’s that slothful that it does not even expends its energy to eat, but makes sure it gobbles up whatever seems to be floating at that moment, presumably edible plants. Its white coloration is due to the gelatin like mass and tissues that make up its body. Blob Fish are currently on the verge of extinction because of overfishing.

3. Giant Isopod (The Big Bug)

giant isopod

This ugly creature can be an inspiration for any horror or science fiction movie. Giant Isopods are found in the depths of the oceans ranging from 170 m to 2140 m. They have also been linked to small pill bugs. You may also find them served in the restaurants at Taiwan along with rice. Their gigantic size is a result of a phenomenon called ‘deep sea gigantism’, which is nothing but a tendency of deep sea creatures like these to grow to a larger size than their counter-parts. They can grow to a length of 16 inches, making it one of the largest members of the crustacean family. It has an ability to roll itself into a ball whenever it wishes protection. It feeds on dead fishes or squids. This animal can survive without food for a long period of time, precisely 8 weeks. This marine animal loves to live a solitary life.

4. Tongue-Eating Louse (The Organ Replacer)

tongue eating loused

Behold Your Tongues from the parasites back from hell. Primarily found in ‘Gulf of California’. This tongue-eating louse enters any fish through its gills and then attaches itself at the bottom of the fish’s tongue. With its claws, it can extract all the blood that eventually causes the tongue to lose its nerve supply, making it entirely a wasted organ. This drains the tongue until it atrophies and dies. The parasite then replaces the fish’s tongue with its own body to the muscles of the tongue. The fish then starts to use this parasite just like a normal functioning tongue. However, this process doesn’t cause any damage to the host fish. These parasites will live their rest of their lives feeding on the blood and mucus of fish. Isn’t it insane?

5. Firefly Squid (The Sparkler)

firefly squid

These Firefly-squids can put any disco lights to shame after putting on their best displays on the planet. They are covered with light emitting organs known as ‘photophores’ that can blink separately or in unison. They are found on the coasts of Japan or West Pacific Oceans at the depths of 183 to 366 meters. They inevitably attract a lot of tourists who come to see their dazzling display at night. The combination of their light-producing and light-sensing organs enables them to camouflage, that makes it hard for the predators to detect them. Their lights can also help them attract a mate for themselves. That’s so cute!

6. Angler Fish (The Ugly Beast)


This angry-looking creature has all the right to come in the top 10 list of the weirdest and ugliest creatures on earth. Angler fish lives in lonely and lightless depths of the sea. There are more than 200 kinds of species living in the murky bottoms of Antarctic and Atlantic oceans. They are generally dark brown or gray in color with enormous heads and huge crescent-shaped mouths along with sharp fang-like teeth. They are quiet large and measure 3.5 feet in length. There is a protruding fishing pole above their mouths that are worn only by females. The tip of this long filament is a luminous flesh that lures its prey towards itself. Their mouths are so flexible that they can actually swallow their prey up to double their size.

7. Yeti Crab (The Charismatic Crab)

yeti crab

No, your eyes are not deceiving you! This incredible fury creature is ‘Yeti Crab’ which is notable for its quantity of glossy blond setae that covers its claws and legs. This animal has strongly reduced eyes which lacks pigment and therefore, are blind. Oh poor crabby!
The hairy claws contain filamentous bacteria, which helps it to detoxify poisonous minerals. It is believed to feed on shrimps and algae. Yeti Crab was named after a shaggy snowman of Himalayas. However, contrary to its name, it lives in the depths of 7200 feet in the South Pacific Ocean.

8. Barreleye- (The Transparent Dome)


It’s head would look similar to the sunroof in your car or a fighter plane’s cock-pit to you. Also, sometimes called as “a spook fish”, this Barreleye has a transparent dome intact with tubular eyes that attribute in making it a super bizarre creation. Its eyes are located inside its head. Its periscope like eyes are rotatable and can easily detect the silhouette of its available prey. They are mostly found in the oceans of Japan, Pacific Ocean, California and Mexico. These species live nearly in total darkness. Did you just wished you had a transparent head?

9. Black Swallower- (The Hearty Meal Lover)

black swallower

They say never underestimate the power of small things in life. This saying holds true with this small marine monster- Black Swallower Fish. It is indeed an astonishing eater because it can eat other fishes that are more than four times its size. It has a clear survival technique that is; eat loads when there is a chance for the reason that the food deep down is scarce. It preys by its tail and jaws up the whole prey at once. They are such greedy buggers as they prey far too big targets for their distended stomachs to digest fully. They often die due to indigestion. So obvious!

10. Oar Fish (The Fashionable Sea serpent)


The Oar Fish, also known as the Ribbon Fish has often been mistaken for their silver shiny beauty as deadly sea serpents. This greatly elongated, large and long creature is one of the strangest animals known to man. This fish’s length can reach up to 15 meters, i.e. 50 Feet and can weigh up to 272 kg. Yes, you read it right!
If there is one fish that knows about fashion, then it is this. Their cool facts include a bluish, scale-less body accompanied with an ornate red dorsal fin. They are found 3000 feet below the ocean surface and feed upon crustaceans, shrimps and plankton. Their movement is vertical and up-straight that is scientifically known as amiform mode of swimming. They are often washed up on the sea-shores of Caribbean waters due to the violent storms.

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