The Fish with a Red Cap

Red Cap Oranda Goldfish is aboriginal to Asia. This ‘Red Riding Hood’ of the fish kingdom has been garnering sufficient attention for its startling beauty. A pearly white rounded body with a bright red cap, known as ‘wens’ that looks like a raspberry on its head, and a flowing split caudal fin which fans out when it comes to halt, all contribute in making it one of the most distinctive fishes of the generation. It belongs to the most popular species of goldfishes all over the world today.

Red Cap Fish

Interesting facts about Red Cap Oranda Goldfish

  1. They are basically pond fishes and have a low tolerance for cold water and pollution.
  2. They are very much susceptible to infections from debris, bacteria, and fungi.
  3. They are four-lobed and have contracted tail that spreads out when it stops swimming.
  4. They are available in a variety of colors like orange, red, red-and-white, red-and-black, black, blue, chocolate, bronze, white or silver, black-and-white (panda-colored), red-black-and-white (tricolor), and calico colors.
  5. In comparison to other goldfishes, they are double tailed that have square edges.
  6. Sometimes, the wen can grow so large that can cover up its eyes. Therefore, they have poor visions.
  7. Their wens are vulnerable to injuries if any rough objects come in their way.
  8. They are the reason that has upped the aquarium supplies in China. They have become a personal favorite for the Chinese people, and hence they are being kept as a pet in their aquariums and backyards.
  9. They are friendly and need a close contact of other fishes for them to stay happy.
  10. They are slow swimmers. Therefore, they must be kept along with fishes that are slow swimmers as well, if not, it will add to their stress for getting sufficient food alongside the faster fishes. Competing with them can be a tough task for them, because eventually they will get knocked down by them.

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