Leap of Faith- The Shark-filled Slide

Mayan Temple Shark Filled Slide

We all love slides, isn’t it? But, it’s not often that we would want to glide down a 60 foot (18 meter) propelling rider culminating with an acrylic shark tunnel lagoon. Yes, you read it right! The Leap of Faith Slide constructed in Atlantis Paradise Island, Bahamas, takes you through a tunnel that is submerged in a shark filled lagoon.

This is an inner tube ride that begins at the top of a Mayan Temple replica and leads into a shark tank. With every second you will have an adrenaline rush experience and feel your blood pumping a little faster. Adventure-lovers, you may find this exciting, but this insane slide is surely not for the faint hearts!

So are the sharks going to attack you?

This slide will only spin you down into the blackness of its mysterious core; however, you will only get to view the sharks. You get to float and ride in this shark tank and everything you will get to see are ferocious sharks giving you a deadly look eventually leaving you in a cold sweat. So, every rider here slides at their own risk. Do you wish to try?

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