Lizard That Resembles Spiderman

Spiderman Lizard

Another Hollywood fewer is here! It’s quite a belief that only human-beings are enthused by the celebrities and fictional characters of Hollywood films, but let’s get you acquainted with the spiderman of the animal kingdom that seems to be a perfect Peter Parker fan, its none other than the ‘Mwanza flat-headed rock agama lizard’, also known as red headed agama lizard . This is surely going to give spiderman a run for his money both in terms of appearance and abilities. The more you look at it, the more you will find yourself in great awe of it.

It seems as it has dressed itself in bright blue and red colors of spider man’s costume. This unusual mixture and coloration has taken many people by surprise. The coloration is male-specific as the females are usually brown in color. However, males do change their colors to brown in night or whenever they are frightened.

They are aboriginal to Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania. They like to feed upon locusts, crickets, waxworms mealworms, seeds, berries and raw eggs. They have sharp teeth which can help them cut their food easily. They chew before swallowing their prey (seems like a reptile with sheer etiquettes).

And it’s not just for the name sake, if situation calls for it they can often take their avatar seriously. It can run on hind legs and then scale walls that to our eyes are effectively vertical. They can tolerate high temperatures. They are friendly creatures but at the same time do not get along well with other males. Therefore, two males are never kept in the same environment. Most of the males that you see will have lost their tails in their conflicts over the years.

They can live up to 15 years which is quite a long period for a lizard. They make great pets and are quite in demand nowadays amongst the spidy fans. All they need is a small safe place to reside and call their home.

Spiderman Lizard

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