Déjà vu- The Mystery Revealed

Déjà vu  Mystery Revealed

So when was the last time you experienced a flash of inexplicable scenes taking place in a split second, eventually giving you a feeling of familiarity that you were prompted to ask a question to yourself, “Have I already seen that”?

We all have had those “been there, done that” episodes that often left us curious and marveled. Scientifically known as ‘paramnesia’, they are believed to drop in at any moment. Be it your dinner table, in your car, in your shower or on your bed, in short, they can chase you anywhere and everywhere. Read more and uncover some astounding mysteries of déjà vu and discover what this phenomemon is and why it exists.

Déjà vu  Mystery Revealed

What do scientists have to say?

Scientists believe that these feelings are the dreams that we have every night, however we don’t remember them. Many scientific estimation and studies actually hold this true. They say that study of paramnesia is referred to the dreams that are of past experiences, while others perceive them as “remembering the future” since they happen before the actual ‘déjà vu’ moment takes place.

They also believe that this phenomenon is attributed to the memory centers in the brain. Our brain is capable of retaining long term memories of events and facts. Healthy individuals can reportedly also be prone to inconsistencies in memory systems. A mismatch occurs between the memory-recalling output and the sensory output. This simply explains how certain experiences can bring us a feeling of familiarity; however they don’t carry a tangible aspect like a fully-recalled memory.

What do spiritualists have to say?

They say that before we are born, we plan our existence on ‘Earth’ in Heaven with God. Right from the struggles we are going to face, to the joys we will confront; our stories unfold just the way they were prearranged. It is supposed to be God’s way of reminding us that we are on the right track. Well, if this is the case, it’s quite a wonderful way to satisfy our conscience.

Déjà vu  Mystery Revealed

What do psychologists have to say?

All they hold responsible for déjà vu are conscious recollections resulting by an overlap between the short term memory and the long-term memory. When a situation seems similar to other events that are already stored in memory, déjà vu takes place. For example, you land at a place, and the place seems quite familiar to you at the first sight although you have never been to that place before. This is possible when this place is strikingly similar to the place you apparently might have seen in movie or a magazine, eventually creating a sensation that you have seen it somewhere.

Psychologists advocate that déjà vu can also be a result of internal hidden conflicts like stress and other psychological problems.

Extreme reasoning of parapsychologists explains it on the basis of reincarnation. They also state that a déjà vu is an experience that people recollect from one of their past lives.

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  • Jack Allen May 19, 2013, 9:15 pm

    Based on this theory, we can say déjà vu happens when some detail in the environment we are currently in (a sight, sound, smell, et cetera) is similar to some remnant of a memory of our past and our brain recreates an entire scene from that fragment. Childhood memories are a common source for this kind of deja vu.

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