Denmark’s Black Sun

Denmark Black Sun

These European starling migrate from the south and flock together in incredible formations as you can see above. This remarkable panorama is known as ‘Black sun’ or ‘Sort Sol’ that can be witnessed during springs and autumns in western Denmark. This spectacular flight is often seen twice a year, March to April being the first, while the second one takes place during October to November. The journey of millions of birds embarks from their winter grounds in South Europe as they breeze into their summer breeding grounds in Scandinavia.

This marvelous wonder takes place in the sunset hours that follows with a mind-squelching dance in the sky before they settle for a location to roost for the night. Their breath-taking patterning in the eventide vaults, with glistening colors of clouds contrasting the snow on the grounds is worth every watch.

Denmark Black Sun

Every evening, after filling their bellies with insects and spiders living in the marsh, they will proceed to the skies and put on a show like no other. Whenever a predator like falcon, buzzard or goshawk enters their flock, as a defense mechanism the starling tends to bombard them with vomits and droppings that eventually soils the feathers of the predator, making it incapable of flying. They become a single unit and protect each other, divulging the message of unity in the lake sunset. After creating the captivating carvings in the heavens by swirling in grace making the sun turn black, they land in an area that is covered with reeds, dipping their feet in water.

Without disappointing loads of tourists, the black birds swarming drop in at the exact timings that accounts to the long-lasting memories of their onlookers. Owing to this natural and exotic location, this place is becoming a new addition in the bucket-list of every bird-lover and sky gazer.

Denmark Black Sun

Watch out for this incredible birds swarming video.

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