Naga Fireballs – The Mysterious Fireball Releasing River

Naga Fireballs

They say miracles are mysteries of past, but after sighting this extremely unusual prodigy; you are definitely going to believe in them. Read on to know why people, since the very beginning have thirsted for an explanation.

The so-called ‘Naga Fireballs’ are seen rising from the 500-800 m (160 feet) wide Mekong River, that lift hundreds of feet into the sky. In the gloomy witching hours of night, this muddy water releases red glowing balls that appear as sky lanterns. They ascend into the air and fade away without making noise. These mysterious fire orbs shoot off at 330 feet (110 meters) into the air.

Scientific Explanation

There is a presence of phosphine (PH3) which reacts with the river sediments, thus leading to spontaneous flammability. Therefore, they are the bubbles which reach the atmosphere and quickly get consumed in flames and as soon as it rises up, it vanishes. However, it is also said, that phosphine burns producing a white toxic cloud, but then none of the effects like these have been observed.

A hypothesis has been framed focusing more in ‘self-inflating’ gases in the Mekong waters. Others have even built extreme complex theories that involve particular composition of gases coupled with the acts of the moon and the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

Naga Fireballs

Although they are quite unpredictable, their occurrence is usually seen during the month of October and November. During this phase, the rains end and the place gets filled with fast-flowing muddy water.

Age-Old Myth

Since centuries, people hold ‘a loch-ness’ serpent responsible for these flaming orbs. Scientists deny the mythical interpretation, and have something else to explain. According to them, they are orbs made up of methane gas.

People often consider that there is a kind of dragon ‘Phaya Naga’ or the Naga serpent of the underworld in the river which releases these fireballs. Buddhists state that this dragon is an ally of Buddha. They treat this happening as a blessing that is bestowed to the people residing there. With the completion of rains in those areas, it is believed as Buddha himself returns to Earth from heaven and his ally Phaya Naga greets him with his fireballs.

Naga Fireballs

People have fashioned this mysterious event of Mekong Lights into a festival. As we all know, if any natural phenomenon takes place, people often associate it with a religious explanation. It has in fact become one of the remarkable and proven methods to facilitate tourism. Likewise, the people from the Mekong area have also found a reason to celebrate this extra-ordinary spectacle every year, which is being known as ‘Phaya-Naga’ festival. People applaud the moment with joy and look at this mystery with awe. They can now enjoy a very organized festive program, where they can delight themselves with beautiful illuminated boats processions, river trips, boat trips and other river receives offerings, which consist of mainly sweets.

Naga Fireballs

There were also rumors that there is an involvement of a specific submarine that shoots bullets in the air and also that there supposedly is a secret military base.

With addition to this, Naga fireballs were comparatively much smaller in the former times, but with increased popularity they have gradually progressed in size. Moreover, they fly higher and are quite faster than they used to be. Has the Naga serpent changed his diet?

There are skeptics who think that these fireballs phenomenon is nothing but a hoax. If this is the case, then who would manage to organize such illumination spread over hundreds of kilometers, without getting caught.

As long as they are harmless and people are enjoying them, then let’s pay no mind to what it is, where they come from, which myth should be considered or what scientists have to say! Enjoy the moment!
Watch this amazing video to see it for yourself.

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