The Boiling Lake

If you wanted to take a glimpse of hell, then take a look at this giant cook pot on earth, where the water is perpetually roiling, boiling and enveloped in fog!! Nobody would want to take a dip in this over-challenging terrain. It is a steam-room and a Laundromat combined. One splash of stream on your body and burn yourself, only to become hot-water phobic for life!! Although being a very inhospitable place, it has become one of the very peak adventure spots today in the world.

Boiling Lake

Remotely located and nestled to the east of Roseau in Dominica (not to be confused with the Dominican Republic), this lake is 200 feet (61 meters) deep that persistently boils. The water temperature here is about 197 degrees Fahrenheit (92 degrees Celsius) (pertaining only to the shores). The water is greyish-blue and is usually cloaked with clouds of vapor. It sits inside a deep basin, giving off bubbly burps. The tourist guides state that the edges of the lakes are quite slippery; therefore exercising caution in this extreme place is a must.

No, this menacing lake is not enchanted by any evil magic, but it is believed that there is a crack in the earth, which allows hot gasses to exhaust from the molten lava below. The history of this place dates back to 1870, when a phreatic eruption nearby the lake, caused a fountain of hot water streams.

There is no road connected to the lake. To reach this destination, one has to hike 13 kilometers from the nearest road, pass through a thicket of trees, sulphur springs, trek over mountains, cover rough gorges and wet-slick stair steps along the way.

This strenuous hike takes at least a couple of hours and it shouldn’t be attempted unless you are in a qualified trekking guide’s company. You are expected to wear sturdy walking boots, since you are bound to get muddy all the way. Along the way, you may also experience rains, so you may have to carry spare clothes too. Heading towards this blistering lake, you will also come across the Valley of Desolation that is aptly named, as it was destroyed by a volcanic eruption in 1880.

Boiling Lake

Valley of Desolation

This lake was even filmed by George Kouronis, as he became the first person to ever traverse the boiling lake from above. He was suspended by a cable over the most fiercely boiling section. This event was filmed in a TV series ‘Angry Planet.’

Boiling Lake

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