When Animals behave like Humans: Cuteness Overloaded

We have seen humans behaving like animals; however spectacles of animals behaving like humans are quite rare. We bring you the top 10 most adorable animals that were seen acting humane.

  1. The Creative Elephants
  2. When Animals behave like Humans Creative Elephants

    We all know that elephants are known for their extreme intelligence and unparalleled might, however meet the Picassos of the animal kingdom and you will know how much they are infused with great creative and tool using skills. This elephant surely has artistic blood flowing through his veins.

  3. The Friend-Loving Rats
  4. When Animals behave like Humans Loving Rats

    They are the extreme cases of human behavior in animals. While their behavior might seem weird to you, you may think all they know is how to muddle in the rotting garbage, chew off your belongings at home and make a mess in the house, what else you can expect from this filthy disease machine right?

    But as they say, not everything that you see is true. A rat’s behavior may seem horrible on the surface, but in reality, they have the potency to leave the humans behind in the parameters of friendship. Scientists had set up a brutal Saw-like chamber of sheer emotional torture. Two rats that had shared much time together were separated. One was placed in a confined enclosure, while the other was left to gaze at his trapped comrade.

    The free rat showed signs of empathy and was seen ignoring the delicious treats that were offered to it, displaying that his friend was far more important than any other rewards.

  5. Monkeys Do Math
  6. When Animals behave like Humans Monkeys Math

    They are supposedly the animals who evolved into humans. Most of capuchin monkeys attributes may liken the humans, out of which one is being ingeniously good at mathematics (our ancestors anyway). They are startlingly gifted at understanding of pricing and budgeting. If such is the case then our recent banking crisis can significantly be decreased!

    Watch out this monkey performing addition and subtraction in this awesome video.

    Addition & Subtraction

  7. A Cat Honors Its Owner
  8. When Animals behave like Humans Cat Honors Owner

    This cat was only 3-month old when it was adopted and given shelter by its foster parent. They were quite inseparable until its foster parent passed away. Ever since he died, this poor cat attends his grave and sits there for hours at a time.

  9. Lions Care about Their Hair
  10. When Animals behave like Humans Lions Care Hair

    This guy is surely possessive of his looks! The reason behind his heavy and lush hair is that females actively court males who are prominently hairy. Lions with huge tresses get the most preference. Yes, females are picky in animal kingdom too!

  11. Dog Drive a Car
  12. When Animals behave like Humans Dog Drive a Car

    Dogs are truly good at imitating humans no matter what it is, but who knew they would one day surpass those unimaginable boundaries. This is just an example of how canine intelligence can prove to be if perfectly trained. With just one command, this dog can actually put the car into gear, press the accelerator and steer with its paws.

  13. Bear Does Yoga
  14. When Animals behave like Humans Bear Yoga

    This female bear named Santra lives in Finland and is famous for her Yoga asana she makes putting up a full-fledged entertainment show. She sits upright, uses her front paws to grab her right back paw, stretches her legs and does a one-leg split. See how focused and calm this furry creature seems! See this video to have a better view of her yoga stunts.

  15. Whale Says Thanks
  16. When Animals behave like Humans Whale Thanks

    One fine winter day this humpback whale was caught in fishing net, but then it was fortunate to be rescued by Great Whale Conservancy co-director while he was paying a regular visit to the sea. He spent an hour freeing it. Later, the whale was seen showing an hour-long display of thanks as it swam near his boat and leaped about 40 times into the air to show how thankful it was.

  17. Horses Are Picky Eaters
  18. When Animals behave like Humans Horses Picky Eaters

    Horses are known for their keener sense of smell and taste just similar to humans. Not only they are keen, they are picky food eaters and love to relish their taste buds with the tastiest herbs and graze only on flavorsome meadows. (So now you know the secret of horse’s immense vigor and spirit)

  19. Pandas Like to Cavort
  20. When Animals behave like Humans Pandas Cavort

    Nothing’s cuter than a baby panda! They are known to sleep in the positions similar to human babies. They sleep valuing their thumbs and hold bamboos in their hands, just like a baby holding a rattle all the day. Cute, isn’t it?

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