When the Earth Groans- Taos Hums

When Earth Groans Taos Hums

The Taos Hum- a phenomenon in recent times that has been creating a “BUZZ” around the world. It involves an obstinate and disturbing low-frequency humming sound. Even ear-plugs fail before this! It seems as if the earth is groaning and grumbling. It sounds somewhat like an idling diesel engine or a distant machine. Although hums have been reported in various parts of the world, Taos in New Mexico is a major cause of concern. Scientists have captured Taos Hum’s spectral density at a frequency of 56 hertz. This troublesome phenomenon has been linked to 3 suicides so far.

Some 20 years ago, people reportedly felt the annoyance of these sounds not only outdoors but indoors as well. Some hear it at intervals while others hear it all the time. Even so, this disgusting and excruciating phenomenon keeps people up at night. Many also sense some vibrations passing through their body. Often people are forced to keep their TV on or sleep with a fan in an attempt to beat the hum noise.

When Earth Groans Taos Hums

In 1993, the problem became so grave that the citizens had to join and submit a request to the government for conducting a thorough investigation and understanding the root of the problem. Their investigation has however not culminated into a tangible proof.

Hums in Taos gained much importance when people in its vicinity began suffering from this unwelcomed buzzing noise. It all started when this humming sound resulted in perking up the health disorders graph amongst the population. The residents were going through nose bleeding, nausea, insomnia, dizziness, irritability, and sleep disorders. The people were of the opinion that there is some kind of government project that is secretly being carried out or that may be some military installations having their base near the area are causing it.

Other Explanations and Assumptions on this Mysterious hum

Investigators and researchers have attributed it to the probability of electromagnetic waves that are caused by meteors. While others are certain that there is an involvement of some supernatural phenomenon.

A flying saucer that had crashed in 1947 that was pretty close to Taos is one of the few interesting suppositions that may have triggered this phenomenon. Other bizarre theories include that the aliens are in an attempt to communicate with their signals. Or maybe the sound has been generated by the movement of the planets. And, the possibility of hot gases moving beneath the Earth causing sounds and vibrations is yet another speculation.

Experts also say that the auditory nervous system of the human body has the ability to create a humming sound due to a disorder which is called ‘tinnitus’. However, people with tinnitus believe that what they hear is not the same noise and it is really not the one that they usually hear in tinnitus.

The microphone that is required to detect this low frequency sound is extremely sensitive . Here is a recording of this mysterious hum:

We hope the scientists soon discover the answer for this problem, so that the people that are afflicted by the ceaseless sound of Taos hum find some relief.

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  • Jenna Y. Herman June 3, 2013, 8:06 am

    The paper talked to 40 residents who reported hearing the noise, and found that nearly all had visited a doctor more than once about related health problems, and at least 15 had undergone a series of neurological tests. Doctors typically attributed the problems to stress or aging, the Tribune found.

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