Are You Ready to Watch Out For the SUPERMOON on 22nd-23rd June, 2013?

SUPERMOON 22nd 23rd June 2013

Shortly, you will get the opportunity of having a telescopic view of the moon without having to use a telescope! This weekend, (22nd -23rd of June) the larger than life ‘supermoon’ will appear to treat the eyes of all the moon gazers around the world.

Like every year, this SuperMoon is estimated to have an up close and personal encounter with Earth on its elliptical orbit bringing it to its closest distance for 2013. On these two days, the moon’s diameter will appear larger as compared to normal.

SUPERMOON 22nd 23rd June 2013

This SuperMoon is predicted to be 30% brighter, 14% larger and will beam from dusk until dawn. The moon’s distance to Earth will be 221,824 miles away, which is roughly 30,000 miles closer. It will be a time when the Earth, Sun and Moon will be aligned together.

The onset of the SuperMoon is often held responsible for causing oceanic and crustal tides, increasing the risk of uncertain events like volcanoes and earthquakes. Earlier, the super moon of March 19th, 2011 was blamed for grounding 5 ships in Solent, UK. However, there is no scientific evidence to support that theory.

The name ‘SuperMoon’ was coined by Richard Nolle in 1979. Supermoon is often referred with an uncanny term, ‘perigee-syzygy’ in modern astrology.

There are astrologers who refer to this event as a very spiritual one. This happening marks as a healing process for ones soul’s spiritual side as the supermoon is believed to possess a transformational energy. The astrologers are becoming conscious of their duties and are seen prepping up their horoscopic charts.

In case, if you want to have a peak at the biggest moon of the year then watch out for the SuperMoon of 2013, expected to punch the clock at 11:32 UTC (7:32 a.m. EST in the U.S.) The next super moon will appear in August, 2014 so you can’t afford to miss this one!

To know more about SuperMoon, watch this outstanding video:

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