Birds of Paradise – New Guinea, Indonesia

Birds Paradise New Guinea Indonesia

If you wanted to get a visual demonstration of extra-ordinary, unique and distinctive creations on earth, then Birds of Paradise should take the precedence over all others.

These miraculous Birds are nestled in the impenetrable mountains and valleys of the island of New Guinea, Indonesia and exist nowhere else on the earth.

They like to live solitary lives and are exceptionally beautiful. They belong to Paradisaeidae family and about 43 species are known. The males have spectacular and flamboyant plumage, elaborate and extended feathers unlike the females who are comparatively dull in colors.

They were unknown to the western world until David Attenborough stunned the world with this footage in 1996. Sadly, the existence of every bird of paradise has been threatened by habitat loss and deforestation.

Their mating dance in this video will leave you completely awe-struck.

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