Darwin’s Frog – An Unusual Father Of The Animal Kindgdom (Father’s day Special)

Unusual Father Animal Kindgdom

Native to the woodlands of Chile and Argentina, the Darwin’s Frog is named after Charles Darwin as he was the first person to discover it on his well-known “Voyage of the Beagle”. With a triangular shaped head and pointed snout, a Darwin frog is known for its brooding habits. The reproduction method that these rainforest frogs choose is an unusual and different one, unlike every other amphibian on this planet.

As soon as the female frog lays about 30 eggs, they are guarded by the male frog for a span of 2 weeks. Once they hatch, the tadpoles are carried in his vocal pouch and develop in his chin skin until these tiny froglets hop away by themselves. When released, they are about 1 cm length. The extra protective daddy Darwin then takes them to a nearby pond and releases them. And therefrom, the tadpoles grow independently. And of course, this method puts strain on daddy Darwin frogs, causing his internal organs to distort and shift, however, once he vomits them, he turns back to normal. He survives on the yolk that each hatchling possesses.

These are the species that are facing threats of habitat loss due to deforestation is another Darwin frog facts. Apart from Darwin frog, another popular daddy of the animal kingdom is the sea horses, who carry their babies in their marsupial pouch. We end with a beautiful quote, that “it is easier for a father to have children than for children to have a real father.”

Tune into this video and catch the vomiting act of the Darwin’s Frog-

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