Duck Orchid (This flower will make you rub your eyes!)

Exclusively found in the wild plains of Australia, springs up the nature’s most fascinating orchid specie that seems to be molded out of an imagination. Observing a Calena orchid, more commonly known as the duck orchid will make you believe that even nature can think out of the box! With its wings outstretched, and head held high, make it look like as if this duck will take off any moment.

Duck Orchid

This plant enjoys sandy soils and is often found in forests and hills. They mostly bloom in summer and spring. They can be as long as half a meter tall (15 to 20 mm long). These flowers get pollinated by a very special insect known as – the sawfly. The large flying duck flower’s sepals make the flower look larger and appealing for the passing insects. The insects get trapped as soon as they land on the labellum or the duck head. The only way out for the insects is through the bottom of the flower. As it leaves, the flower gradually restores its original position.

Duck Orchid

If you are thinking to buy a flying duck orchid and raise them in your home, then you may have to face some disappointment. Due to the symbiotic relationship between the delicate roots and the sensitive fungus that thrives on it, helps to fend off infections. This type of orchid fails to survive in any other environment, other than certain parts of Australia.

Duck Orchid

During 1986, this beautiful orchid was roped in to become an Australian postage stamp.

Duck Orchid

If, however, you want to see these spectacular orchid flowers for yourself, then you will have to fly to this country- Australia to catch the rare glimpse of it. But the simpler way to spot these splendid flowers is through this remarkable video.

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  • danny crompton November 9, 2014, 5:01 am

    where can i flying duck orchids from and how thenks

  • julie August 9, 2014, 3:42 am

    are there duck orchids available for sale please. thank you. julie

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