Mammutus clouds – The Harbingers of Danger

Mammutus clouds Harbingers Danger

This buttermilk sky and hanging pouches of hazy bags are nothing but ‘Mammutus clouds’ or Cummulonimbus clouds. They often are the indicators of tornadic or thunder storms. The name ‘mammutus’ is derived from the latin word “mamma” which means “udder.”

They mostly appear as opaque or translucent lobes at a lower altitude. They are spread over hundreds of kilometers and can last from 15 minutes to few hours.

So what are Mammutus clouds?

These clouds are made up of ice or a mixture of liquid water and ice or just liquid. The ice crystals sink as they are denser than the surrounding air, and the lack of evaporation results into making a mammutus pouch. As dangerous as they look, they are quite harmless as they disappear as soon as the storm passes.

To watch out the video of these startling cloud formations-

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