Real Life Sleeping Beauty – Kleine–Levin syndrome

Real Life Sleeping Beauty Kleine Levin syndrome

Whether you call it a confession or a perpetual fantasy, living a fairy-tale life is every girl’s dream. But, not all fairy-tale lives are chivalrous and angelic-like. Let’s get you acquainted with a real-life sleeping beauty- Nicole Delien. What could be better than dozing off and hibernating to the dreamland? Yes, it may sound cool to us, but in real terms, it is more of a nightmare to her. Read on to know why she is coming in the spotlight, much to the envy of the insomniacs.

This girl is only 17 years old sleeps 19 hours a day and has set the record of once sleeping 64 days straight. All her life, she has only been wide-awake thrice for Christmas since she was 7 years old. It occurred to her when she was only 6 years old and had contracted a virus which triggered this condition. Such cases come about when there is a malfunctioning in the parts of the brain that directs sleep and appetite.

Some people were under the influence that her parents are drugging her and putting her to sleep. The situation once worsened so much that they were reported to the Child Protective Services. However, later she was diagnosed with Kleine-Levin syndrome or KLS, also called sleeping beauty syndrome. This teen suffers from a very rare disorder which affects an estimated 1,000 people around the world.

This disorder is described as periods of excessive sleeps that lasts for several days to weeks. These periods are often interrupted with irritability, hallucinations and disorientation.

After waking up from such a long sleep it feels close to waking up from anesthesia. Delien says, this all ends in superfluous fatigue and restlessness. People like her are mostly in between asleep and awake state that is equal to the dreamy realm that sleepwalkers inhabit.

She was asleep, when her grandfather passed away, that added to her list of greatest disappointments ever. This delirium of the mind, results in memory loss that makes matters worse. Her family also has to frequently take her to the hospital from time to time in order to keep her hydrated and feed her through an IV tube. And, that’s really no fun!

So, let’s value our life the way it is, because “fairy tales” are only confined to books!

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