The Stunning Pink Grasshopper!

Stunning Pink Grasshopper

You may have heard of a white elephant or a red herring, but a pink grasshopper? Read more to know more all about pink grasshoppers.

This drop-dead gorgeous grasshopper is something to watch out for! It was first spotted by Daniel Tate, an 11-year old boy, who attended a wildlife event at Seaton Marshes, near Sidmouth, England.

Stunning Pink Grasshopper

A bright pink colored thing caught his attention which he first thought was a flower. The more he looked, the more it came as a shock to him. It took him a few seconds to comprehend the fact that he was actually looking at a beautiful pinkish grasshopper.

They are known to be an offspring of the familiar green grasshoppers. Normally grasshoppers are green, brown and even purple colored, but a vivid pink colored grasshopper is very rare type of grasshopper known to science. Some statistics report that only 1 in 500 grasshoppers are born pink.

Stunning Pink Grasshopper

The pink color is likely to be caused by a genetic mutation that is called “erythrism” which is not yet understood very well. This mutation is a result of a recessive gene that is similar to the recessive gene that results in albino animals.

Unfortunately this pink color can prove to be as harmful as it is beautiful, since they can become an easy target for predators, reducing their chances of survival.

Stunning Pink Grasshopper

If pictures of pink grasshoppers weren’t enough then watch this video to see it live!

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  • kitty July 14, 2013, 7:03 am

    hi im serious about this but i have also caught a pink grasshopper and released it. i was in eastern washington and it caught me way off gaurd i was amazed at it nobody believes me but its true!

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