The Transgender Bird- Bellbird

Transgender Bird  Bellbird

This is one bird that you would want to wake up to by its melodious tunes every morning. Also known as Korimako in New Zealand, this bird looks quite ordinary like its fellow counterparts; however it quintessentially is one-of-a-kind. It has shunned the normal cut and dry divisions of sexual dimorphism. Its idiosyncratic characteristics have led the biologists to declare this bird, a transgender bird.

Bellbirds are roughly the size of a sparrow that are dark olive-green with red eyes. Their white cheek stripe attributes in making them look like a female, but then the dark body plumage which is more like a male, complicates their identification. Moreover, their calls appear to be high in volume, melodious and exquisitely tuned, that happens to be the trait of female birds.

This transgender bell bird has been reported to have characteristics that are supposedly due to hormonal imbalance. Scientists point that they keep transmuting their sexes. This transformation is known as ‘sequential hermaphroditism’. This phenomenon is seen in many animal species that includes clownfish wherein the males have the potential to transform their sex when a female clownfish dies.

Watch out this bird in this amazing video-

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