Who is Making These Mysterious Sand Circles on the Ocean Floors?

Mysterious Sand Circles Ocean Floors

Deep beneath the ocean of Amami Oshima, Japan are alluring mystery circles intricately designed to provide you with some interesting food for thought! Yoji Ookata, a Japanese photographer took the first shots of these mesmerizing decorative rings while on his usual diving trip. Dedicated to discover the finest of phenomenal things in nature, he stumbled upon sand patterns, scientifically known as ‘crop circles’ which were approximately 6 feet (1.8 meters) and almost 80 feet (24 meters) below the sea level. He soon returned with television crew and his colleagues to uncover and document the mystery behind them.

Mysterious Sand Circles Ocean Floors

Before you end up holding any UFO’s responsible for this creative patterns, let’s disclose the crop circles mystery! The mysterious artist behind these mysterious underwater crop circles is nothing less than the small underwater fish, the male puffer fishes that are few inches in length. They painstakingly create them using their single fin.

Mysterious Sand Circles Ocean Floors

So what’s the logic behind engineering enormous circles that are ten times their own size? Why do they go through all these troubles? The answer is simple – to attract mates. They tirelessly work day in and day out swinging their tiny fin in the sand to create ridges of the structure. Their maneuver goes beyond just making fine circles in neat shapes; they also love to decorate them by sprinkling it with brilliant stones and seashells. Females are drawn towards the magnanimous structures where they mate with males puffer fishes. These puffer fish crop circles not only serve as their love nest but also as a nursery for their eggs. These gigantic circles make sure that they act as a buffer to the ocean currents, making it safe for their fertilized eggs.

Indeed, they are just ordinary fishes that are unimaginably hard-working in every sense and doubtlessly validate the saying that “great things come in small packages”!

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