5 European adventure destinations

Here is good news for all the adventure freaks, hikers and back-packers! While you thought Europe is one of those places famous for culture, modernity and nightlife, its adventure spots are one such facet that should not be overlooked. Here are 5 most vibrant and exciting adventure tours which is the sure short way to enliven your lives as you taste the experience of a lifetime! Hike, swim, trek and enjoy your way to the land bestowed by God’s love, Europe!

  1. Chamonix, France
  2. European adventure destinations

    Experience the trudge to one of the highest peaks in Europe- Mont Blanc, most terrific adventure holidays. It has long been a favorite hiking spot of people from all over the world. Since centuries, it has been a mecca for snowboarders and a hub for skiers. Along the way, you may also encounter beautiful villages that are worth discovering! Awaken pleasantest sensations as you join this escapade!

  3. Azores, Portugal
  4. European adventure destinations

    This summer, let’s do something off the beaten track! If you believe swimming with real fishes sounds more exciting than the conventional Olympic aquatic center then you should visit here! Take dips with the dolphins and revel in the authentic boat trips, ultimately developing your confidence in open seas. This European adventure vacation holds many secret revelations that you can’t afford to miss!

  5. Karlovac, Croatia
  6. European adventure destinationsc

    Ever wanted to see how it feels to be near the convergence of four rivers? Here, encounter number of waterfalls, myriad of challenging canyons and a series of interconnected lakes. Enjoy great hiking trails and kayaking along the coast.

  7. Provence
  8. European adventure destinations

    Revel in the world’s most beautiful sun-kissed French Mediterranean coast. The beaches, the Mountains of the Alps, the architecture and everything that belongs to the Provence are worth describing. Celebrate each moment with lavish lavender fields and smooth sloping vineyards.

  9. Salzkammergut Region, Austria
  10. European adventure destinations

    Discover adventure with the most picturesque Austrian villages, which is indeed a best holiday destination. Trace your way to the untouched trails, lakeside tracks, soaring mountains, valleys, and awe-inspiring waterfalls that you’ll definitely love it!

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