5 Stargazing Destinations in Europe

Catching a preview of a starry night is really rare in metropolitan cities. If stars are your favorite natural incandescent objects, if ever you wanted to have an upfront and close experience with the universe, if astronomy was your favorite subject and everything related to the skies entices you, then this vacation head to anyone of these five dazzling destinations in Europe.

  1. La Palma, Canary Island
  2. Stargazing Destinations Europe

    Every night in La Palma is an astro night! Here, the universe comes closer! La Palma is indeed an every astronomers and sky-gazers dream come true destination. You will be assisted by powerful telescopes which will take you through an exciting journey of stars, moons, planets, and galaxies. La Palma is one of the world’s most prominent astronomical observatories, but you don’t need to be an astrophysicist to admire the spectacular view of the glittery night.

  3. Galloway Forest Park, Scotland
  4. Stargazing Destinations Europe

    This place is indeed one of the best stargazing sights in the world. Lighting experts were hired to ensure that the skies of the forest park remain pitch black during night. The limited number of buildings around the park allows minimum light pollution. The goal of Galloway Forest Park is to conserve energy and give a significant contribution to the environment.

  5. Tuscany, Italy
  6. Stargazing Destinations Europe

    Many celestial enthusiasts visit Tuscany every year to have a sneak-peak in to the heavens. It serves as a source of inspiration to any professional astrophysicist as well as novices alike. Very few know that this very sky was the reason to intrigue Galileo, leading to his lifelong study of the celestial system. Tuscany is located in a very remote location, abstaining itself from city lights and pollution, ultimately giving a spectacular star show. Winters are the best period to observe and catch a glimpse of the dazzling night sky.

  7. Kiruna, Sweden
  8. Stargazing Destinations Europe

    Spread across 90 miles north of the Arctic Circle and Swedish territory, is based an old mining town of Kiruna. The winter season is the prime period to witness the mesmerizing radiance of the northern lights or Aurora Borealis. Your chances of gazing this beautiful phenomenon which blankets the sky with glowing colors are high here.

  9. Stonehenge, England
  10. Stargazing Destinations Europe

    We all know about this prestigious prehistoric monument situated in England, which is also one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Having an access to these standing stones set within earthworks is restricted to looking. However, there is an exception to this constraint. During winter and summer, people are permitted to have a closer view of huge circles of bluestones. Here you can gaze at the amazing constellations and beautifully lit sky in the company of this wonderful monument.

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