Baboons kidnap Puppies and Raise them in their family (Video)

Baboons kidnap Puppies

Warning: Special elements in the following video can be intimidating.

The video is a spectacle of fascinating behavior that you would never have expected from a primate. It displays how baboons have gone off to the deep end to outplay humans adopting behavior. Watch it to see their kidnaping act of feral puppies away from their packs.

This mind-boggling behavior was seen taking place in Saudi Arabia. This strange interspecies interaction is probably due to the feeling of companionship and protection. It is a thought-provoking demonstration of animals contravening the idea of keeping pets that up until now was only limited to humans.

After this monkey species kidnap the puppies, they will raise them in their family amongst other primates. Raising puppies in their captivity would eventually bring them closer and form a symbiotic relationship. This phenomenon has been scientifically named as the ‘Stockholm syndrome’ or ‘capture-bonding’ which means that hostages develop sympathy towards captors. With time, the puppy will live through this situation and learn to stick together with its new family.

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