Come With Me to the Land Of Liberty

The United States of America is a country with rich history and it is an active player in the international affairs in the contemporary era. The country is often dubbed as ‘Land of Liberty” and “Land of Opportunities” symbolizing the freedom and tolerance one experiences here. Right from the discovery of the American continent, people from all over the world, especially Europe migrated to America and so the country is filled with people of all ethnicities. The land itself is known for its brilliance in technology and science. Tourism thrives in America because of its great landscape, fine climate and brilliant urban lifestyle. We give you here the top 4 attractions of the United States.

Times Square, New York:
New York is the favorite place for all tourists of America. The five-block intersection here has an abundance of theaters, neon signs, street performers and mega stores which lure tourists from all parts of the world. Over the years, the place has become famous among family tourists. It is termed as the center of the World’s Entertainment Industry and is one of the busiest pedestrian crossings in the world. Thirty nine million tourists visit this place annually. The best time to visit Times Square is during the Ball Drop event on every New Year’s Eve

Times Square

Statue of Liberty, New York:
The unavoidable attraction here is the Statue of Liberty. Gifted by France, this statue is a symbol of freedom. It is located on the Liberty Island in the harbor. You can go up to the crown of it by climbing the 354 steps and take a breathtaking view of New York City from there. Apart from this, the city offers some world-class tourist spots like Time-Square, the Empire State Building, the Rockefeller Center, Ellis Island, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Coney Island and Little Italy.

Statue of liberty

The Grand Canyon:
The Grand Canyon is United States’ best natural attraction. It is a rocky formation carved by the Colorado River for 7 million years. Spanning over 277 miles(446 km) and 1 mile(1,6 km) deep, this spectacular work of nature is sure to leave you spell bound. Travel to the Southern Rim of the Canyon from Williams, Arizona. The train travel itself is magnificent with spectacular views of the landscape and the singing cowboys on the train. At the Southern Rim, there is an IMAX theater which also runs a famous show about the history of the Canyon; you can go for a hiking trip or camp at your favorite site.

Grand Canyon Full View

Grand Canyon

Art Institute of Chicago and Navy Pier, Chicago:
For sufficing the hunger of art lovers, there is the Art Institute of Chicago that has a collection of art works from the ancient times to today; paintings of the Impressionist genre are the best here. The Navy Pier, since its opening in 1916, is Chicago’s top place to visit. At this place you’ll find the Chicago Shakespeare Museum, Chicago Children’s Museum, an IMAX movie theater and a large section of restaurants for tasting the local cuisine. Also, do not miss the Field Museum that houses 26 million artifacts – the best of them being Sue, the skeleton of the world’s largest T-Rex dinosaur.

Museums Art Institute

Imax chairs


Las Vegas:
Talk about gambling, partying and drinks and there is no place on earth better than Las Vegas. Though a bit more expensive than other cities, it is worth every penny for the fun it allows you to have. Here, World Class Driving brings you the rare opportunity of driving an ultra-expensive Ferrari or Lamborghini at amazing speeds and tour Red Rock Canyon or the Hoover Dam. Vegas Extreme Skydiving gives a you a rush of adrenaline if you love adventures. It is also the home to the pop band Jersey Boys, a bunch of youngsters that topped the charts of music of this country; you can catch one of their concerts. And of course, you will have the countless number of casinos for gambling and drinks.

Welcome to Las Vegas

Sky diving

Gambling Las Vegas

Once you decided to visit this country, check out if you belong to one of the countries that comes under the ESTA program offered by it. It can simplify your visa processing work to a great extent.

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