Is It Raining Diamonds On Neptune And Uranus?

Raining Diamonds Neptune Uranus

Scientists believe that our two celestial neighbors Neptune and Uranus might witness diamond rains to such an extent that they are heaped miles above the ground level. They are the two planets that accommodate methane in high proportion.

According to much scientific research, high proportion of methane when exposed to high pressure and temperature can actually turn into diamonds. This reason strongly supports the theory of these two planets harboring diamonds.

Geological researchers tested this by producing these conditions inside a diamond anvil cell; they squeezed liquid methane to thousand intervals of 100,000 – 500,000 times atmospheric pressure and heated it to above 5,000 degrees Fahrenheit(2760° Celsius) with an infrared laser, only to be amazed to see diamond dust appearing, before the other stuff evaporated, and methane turned black. The high temperature broke methane (CH4) into hydrogen and carbon, while the carbon was condensed to diamond.

Technology has certainly opened doors to derive quality information on the chemical reactions that would take place on planets under such conditions. Once the formation of the diamond is completed with this chemical reaction, they descent like raindrops or hailstones to the center of the planet.

Raining Diamonds Neptune Uranus

The atmospheres of these two planets are estimated to have temperatures above 12,000 degrees Fahrenheit(6649°C) and have pressures up to 6 million times higher than the earth’s atmosphere. The intense pressure and extreme temperature ultimately results in diamond rains.

The excess heat radiated by Neptune plus the heat received from the sun, attributes in boosting the magnetic field of the planet. Scientists witnessed that those diamonds were behaving much like water during the melting and freezing process. Also, it gave valuable insights to the scientists as to how carbon behaves in different environments.

Even though it’s not a proven phenomenon, it’s pretty amazing to imagine. Perhaps, someday in the near future, men will propose ladies with Neptunian diamonds.

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