Meteorite Shower in Russia

Researchers have written the following in the Journal of Geophysical Research Letters about the meteorite shower in Russia in February this year.

The impact of the Meteorite rain in Russia was believed to be the strongest ever measured since the Tunguska Event. It injured more than 1000 people in Russia.

Meteorite Shower Russia

IMS informed “The meteoroid Chelyabinsk has caused great commotion among the people, and measures are needed to be taken to prevent such asteroid impact on the face of Earth.”
French Nuclear Scientists report that the impact was equivalent to 460 Kilotons of TNT, which was reportedly the largest meteorite on Earth measured energy discharge event ever since the meteoroid impact that happened in 1908, in Siberian Tunguska region.

Meteorite Shower Russia

To know more about this asteroid and the mind-blowing event, click on the video

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