The Glowing Cockroach – Creepy Crawlers that Glow-in-Dark!

Shining stars, glistening seas light-emitting deep sea fishes, flashing fire-flies, so why would cockroaches be singled out? New animal species are found every year and make us wonder about the seemingly boundless biodiversity of nature.

You probably thought you would never love them, but glow in the dark cockroaches are just cool creepy crawlers! They are the newly discovered creatures of 2013.

Creepy Crawlers Glow Dark

Their glow is caused by bioluminescent bacteria. and the glowing cockroach, scientifically named as Lucihormetica luckae, mimics toxic click beetles to deter predators.

Creepy Crawlers Glow Dark

These glowing cockroaches are indigenous to the forests in South America and are just 24 millimeter long. They look quite common under normal light, however, when placed under fluorescent light, the spots on its back lights up.

Creepy Crawlers Glow Dark

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