Top 10 Beaches in Europe

The sun is out, and the vacations have started! It’s time to pack your bags, unfold your towels, gather your swimming shorts and take a plunge on Europe’s best beaches and 10 best places to visit in Europe which you can’t afford to miss this summer!

  1. Cala d’en Serra, Ibiza-
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    Ibiza is truly an environment dipped in tranquility. Lose yourself in the midst of hip bars and encounter Europe’s most happening people. White sandy beach, crystal-clear blue waters, encircled by steep rocky cliffs is enough to make you feel cut off from the world. It is simply the treasure trove of clubs and bars. Indulge in the finest of sea-food in the world. Head to this beach for partying endlessly till you drop!

  3. The Curonian Spit, Lithuania
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    This is probably one of the most hidden, untouched and undiscovered beaches known to the world. You would have to take a ferry to cross the Lithuanian port. Hire a bike as soon as you reach the fishing village of Nida and embark to the quietude stretch of golden sand. Summer is the most perfect time to plunge in the warm waters. This is indeed the best beach vacation to have!

  5. Caños de Meca, Spain-
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    This is the mainland where Nelson had defeated Napoleon over 200 years back. Today, this place is a hub for many tourists. Although it is a bit underdeveloped, you will hit upon oriental restaurants serving killer mojitos which are enough to lift your spirits!

  7. Barleycove, County Cork, Ireland
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    Your dream of getting a sunbath in a secluded sun-drenched beach will be fulfilled here. This beach is surrounded by lagoons and dunes. Forget all your stress as you listen nothing but the swirling sound of the waves. Delight yourself as you look out for silent swans and herring gulls. This is the best holiday destinations.

  9. Cap Ferret, France
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    If you are contemplating a holiday at a French seaside, then Cap Ferret is for you! This beach faces the largest sand dune in Europe, Dune du Pilat. Pamper yourself in the life’s finest moments as you let the breeze pass through your hair and feet squeak in the warm sand. Wade the tidal pool and salt marshes whilst hunting for crabs.

  11. Scopello, Sicily
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    It remains one of the most picturesque beaches in Europe. The word Scopello is derived from the Greek word scoupelos which means “rock”. Here you can discover the lost ruins of an emporium which was destroyed by a seaquake. There were pirate incursions in this area, ages ago who would attack boats when they happen to cross this expanse of sea. Dating back to ancient times, there are two watchtowers that incredibly enhance the atmosphere. A sequence of Ocean’s Twelve was filmed on this very spot. Experience sultriness with comfort as you retire to a shady walled square after you get tired rambling across the beach.

  13. Three Cliffs Bay, Gower, Wales
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    The only way to access this sheer beauty is to walk down through woodland from Parkmill. On the cliffs, you would find a perfect picnic shelter overlooking the U-shaped golden cove.

  15. Sopot, Poland
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    Every Europe travel guide is incomplete without this! Delight yourself with this beachfront attraction with a tinge of urban style. It is indeed a party capital with its boozy bar culture along with intense clubbing which goes all night long.

  17. Egremni, Lefkada, Greece
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    Europe tour without this is incomplete! Ascending many stagy cliffs, deposits you on a pristine beach. The waters here are sapphire blue.

  19. Warnemünde, Germany-
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    Wishing to soak yourself under the sun, on a white sandy beach, sitting on a vintage wicker chair accompanied by smoked fish to treat your taste buds? Warnemünde is the right beach you should be heading too this summer!

    Book your ticket to any one of these best holiday destinations!

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