Top 10 Diving Spots in Europe

This vacation let’s do something off the beaten path. This vacation lets go diving into Europe’s most attractive diving spots! This vacation lets your friends envy your photographs. Read on to know which top spots in Europe you should head to this vacation!

  1. The Zenobia, Cyprus
  2. Europe Diving Spots

    Nothing can be as exciting as discovering a wreck on the seafloors. Described as one of the best diving sites in the world, diving here is indeed an experience in itself. Plunged at 15-40 meters deep, this wreck brings history to life. Zenobia was the name of the wreck, which went down with many articulated trucks that are today scattered all over the sea. The ship was on a voyage from Sweden to Syria; however, it could never reach its destination. The deeper a diver dives; the more the chances of seeing the wreckage of ruined cargo and trucks. This is indeed the best diving spots with a pinch of extra adventure!

  3. The Blue Hole, Gozo (Malta)
  4. Europe Diving Spots

    Only the lucky few who are specialized in advanced deep sea cave diving can have the chance to take a plunge. Whoever visits this divine site undeniably cherishes this astounding experience of a lifetime! The Blue Hole is a very prevalent dive here, given the irrationality of its formation. It lies 25m deep and is approximately 10m wide. Below is also an arch that directly connects to the open sea.

  5. Secca della Colombara, Italy
  6. Europe Diving Spots

    It is more than 50 meters deep and offer steep wall diving. Here you can come across huge red gorgonians, breams, tunas, mackerels, barracudas, amberjacks, crayfish, you name it and you get it.

  7. Punta Omo Morto, Ustica, Italy
  8. Europe Diving Spots

    Here come the most fun-filled vacation spots that Europe offers! Comprising of rock, big and small both, this site has been a famous opportunity for undersea photography. The ridges, caverns and shoals will keep you entertained till the end. Too many varieties of fish along with the sun rays permeating the crystal clear waters will definitely make you want to visit this site more than once.

  9. Anchor Bay, Malta
  10. Europe Diving Spots

    Seeing an anchor situated at the edge of the bay, will make you comprehend why it’s been named Anchor Bay. Today, this area is a prominent tourist attraction and has become a mini theme park. The wide variety of marine life and the large caverns has made it lots of diver’s favorite diving spot. To name a few, spot eels, grouper fish and parrot fish are most extensively found here.

  11. Chios Island, Greece
  12. Europe Diving Spots

    Transparent seabed, unmatched tranquility and vibrant water, creates a lasting impression in every diver’s memory. From shoals of fish, caves, reefs, walls, to shipwrecks, you will definitely discover something unique with every stroke. Every glide here brings an abundance of discovery.

  13. HMS Maori, Malta
  14. Europe Diving Spots

    This is another wreck that was sunk in the Great Harbor of Malta’s capital Valletta. It was hit by a bomb. Today, it rests in Marsamxetto Bay. The wealth of marine life here is a treat for every diver, intermediate or advanced alike.

  15. Crystal Lagoon, Comino (Malta)
  16. Europe Diving Spots

    The perky turquoise water is undeniably a breath-taking site. This site is quite safe and shallow, which means it is perfectly suitable for beginners. Although it has scanty marine life, the sunshine rays and sparkling waters will make this experience last for a lifetime.

  17. Diamond Rocks, Kilkee, Ireland
  18. Europe Diving Spots

    No, there are no diamonds inside, but it is the shimmering quartz that gives this site its name. A dive here is mostly a chilling one, unlike any dive that is done in the warm Mediterranean waters. All in all, this is one of the best diving sites offering thrilling experience!

  19. The Booroo, Isle of Man
  20. Europe Diving Spots

    Derived its name from the Scandinavian word borg, ‘Booroo’ means a small round hill. This sea has a myriad of marine species. Finding bare bedrock is a challenge in itself. This is probably, one of the best diving spots available in British Isles.

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