Top 10 Islands of Europe

Yes, paradise does exist! Slices of God’s most remarkable creation are just nearer to you than you would ever think. Read on to know the top 10 most beautiful islands in Europe and make the most of your Europe’s trip!

  1. Santorini, Cyclades
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    Spread over 16 kilometers with many-hued cliffs that rise up over 300 m, this is a spectacular island that has evolved through one of the biggest volcanic eruptions in history. White Cycladic houses line up cliff tops. As you travel to this destination, be enthralled by its fine dining, famous wineries, breathtaking sunsets and a vibrant nightlife. Santorini curls round huge lagoons which offer a splendid view that will add to your memories to be cherished for a lifetime.

  3. Cephalonia, Ionian Islands
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    Your Europe tour is incomplete without this! This island has been gifted with boundless craggy mountains, opulent vineyards, sky-high coastal cliffs and sparkling sapphire beaches. The earthquake that took place in 1953 became a reason for devastation for many settlements here. Get insights of many ancient artifacts at the Archaeological Museum of Argostoli. Enliven your senses as you meet the warm and friendly local people living in an ebullient quality of life.

  5. Island of Capri, Province of Naples
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    This island has abundance of mythical allure which has been capturing the attention of many writers and artists for centuries. The awe-inspiring beauty that stretches from the rocky caves filled with remarkably blue water is worth watching. Savor every moment that you spend at this Roman fishing port.

  7. Naxos, Cyclades
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    If you ever wanted to have a best experience of both the worlds, then don’t think twice to enter this immensely pleasant island. Lose yourself in complete ecstasy as you get landlocked in the deep heart of mountains. The soil is known to be quite fertile which is home to many grapes, figs, olives, corns, potatoes and lots of other plants, bushes and trees. There are many enchanting villages like the Apiranthos and Halki which you can find in the interior of the island. The turquoise waters, the ancient ruins, and the sunset are worth every watch.

  9. Mainland, Orkney Islands
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    Stroll through the one of the most exquisite islands, where you’ll find prehistoric ruins of a chambered tomb and the amusing stone circles of Skara Brae. You can also come across another wonder which is a collapsed sea cave called- The Gloup. Visit the famous Orkney Brewery and the St.Mary village or just wander at the Dingieshowe Beach.

  11. Island of Gozo, Malta
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    It is the second largest of the seven-island chain that spreads off the coast of Sicily. Surround yourself in divinity as you discover this island that is breathtakingly beautiful. Watching the dramatic undersea caves and relishing on divine sea food is a worth a try. There are a wealth of sites and astounding memories to take back home. The island is perfect for snorkeling. It is also home to many old and religious structures like the Ggantija temples.

  13. Zakynthos, Ionian Islands
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    The splendid sands, the turquoise waters and the picturesque beauty of Zakynthos will make it look a picture which is heavily photoshopped. It is the largest of the Ionian Islands and a manifestation of nature’s splendor. Music is the heart of Zakynthos culture, as you can catch a handful of concerts any time of the week.

  15. Jersey, Channel Islands
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    The coast is 48 miles long accompanied by sandy beaches, rugged sea cliffs, and serene paths. History comes to life with excellent museums. This place is a haven for sailors, divers, kayakers and surfers too. Get a dose of excellent retail therapy while spending a day of shopping in St. Helier.

  17. Isle of Skye, The Hebrides
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    This Island is a 50 mile long encompassing of jagged mountains, sparkling sea inlets and towering cliffs. There are also may cozy pubs and fine restaurants to retire to. You will also find pony rides and hiking. This is an island that is truly worth exploring!

  19. Fuerteventura, Canary Islands
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    Your Europe holidays can’t get better than this! Stretching for many miles, this island is renowned for its world-class water sports. Here you can encounter the enticing blend of rural settlements and hodgepodge of ancient volcanoes, a myriad of palm trees and endless goats. The clubbing and bars here are truly irresistible!

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