Best places to experience midnight sun

5 Places to Experience the Midnight Sun 

People living in places which are at a close proximity to the earth poles may take several months without seeing the sun. Visiting such places could be strangely exotic, especially in every June 21st when tourists go to experience the unique phenomenon when the sun is rotating round the sky. This phenomenon is commonly referred to as the midnight sun’. This phenomenon is not only a novelty but also a top tourist attraction. In order to visit such places, please contact passport office and get a passport so that you can experience the midnight sun in person. Here are some of the 5 places you can experience the midnight sun.

Hammerfest, Norway 


Hammerfest is also dubbed the northernmost city in the world’. The city is home to just over 9,000 people. Although the midnight suns in this city are not that famous, there is a lot to keep you busy whilst in this city. There are also magnificent coastal features in this city. Here are some of things to experience whilst in this city.

  •  Playing golf at the world’s northernmost golf course. The golf course is always open 24 hours every day and it has 6 holes.
  • The city is also famous for its annual infestation of more than 3,000 reindeers that come to feed on the city’s vegetation.

Reykjavic, Iceland 

This is Iceland’s largest and most densely populated city. The midnight suns are quiet famous in this city and they are referred to as Summer Solstice Festivals. These festivals are for honoring the Vikings, who are said to have been making a big deal regarding the midnight suns. During the midnight suns, the locals here gather for several midnight events. Here are some of the activities to keep you busy whilst in this city.

  • Enjoying traditional booze at the midnight bars.
  • Visiting Grimsey Island aboard a speed boat.
  • Going fishing with the city’s local fishermen.

Murmansk, Russia 

This is the only city in the world which has nuclear powered icebreakers. In Murmansk, midnight suns are quiet sensational thanks to the fact that the sun takes weeks to circle the sky instead of setting. Here are some of the activities to keep you busy during your sojourn in Murmansk.

  • Celebrating the Ivan Kupala Day together with the locals on every July 7.
  • Jumping over bonfires during the purification rituals.
  • Enjoy a boat ride in the Raft Rivers in Murmansk.

Fairbanks, Alaska, USA 

This Alaska’s city is home to just over 30,000 people. Residents here celebrate the midnight suns for a full week. The city hosts several activities during the midnight suns such as midnight baseball tournament and midnight sun festivals. Here are some of the activities to keep you busy whilst in this city.

  • Playing midnight golf at Fairbanks Golf and Country Club.
  • Watching late-night duffer shows at the city’s cinemas.
  • Taking part in the midnight fun run.

Inuvik, Canada 

This is Canada’s northernmost city. The midnight suns here are quite long since they can take 56 days of total sunlight during summer. Parties in this city are endless during the midnight suns. Here are some common activities which tourist enjoy during the midnight suns.

  • Visiting the Great Northern Arts Festivals
  • Participating in the Midnight fun sun run.
  • Boat riding.


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