British swans get divorced

British swans divorced

As symbols of everlasting love and perpetual fidelity, swans are expected to mate for life. These are the only birds immortalized by our poets and painters displaying a devotion that would put humans’ commitment and love to shame. However, the following story is contrary to what they are usually supposed to be. If you thought, cheating, divorce and mate-swapping was limited to humans, then, read on.

Gloucestershire wildfowl sanctuary has studied 4,000 swan couples as they left for migration from Arctic Russia. They reported that a male swan called Sarindi, dumped his partner Saruni before the migration. Expert’s panicked thinking Saruni had passed away as is often the case when a swan goes missing. It came as a huge surprise when Saruni showed up with a new mate.

It was the second time when such case was observed in a 40- year survey. After a very long time the researchers witnessed a swan “divorce.” They couldn’t breed and that could possibly be the reason of their split up. While the other couples are seen mingling with their partners, this old couple does not even stand the thought of acknowledging each other’s presence. She was seen clinging to a new male, Surune.

Considering swans loyalty and long term partnership, this case has truly set a stunning example for the animal kingdom.

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