Frozen Waterfall- When the Ever-Moving Creation Stops!

Has the time literally frozen for these waterfalls?

Whenever we visualize a waterfall, their cascading glory is all we can think about! Frosty conditions can indeed change the quintessence of waterfalls, and ingenuously add more exquisiteness to them. Here are the exemplifications of Mother Nature’s most happening snap-shots of its ever-moving creations.

Frozen water falls freezes over during the winter and bestows stunning glimpses to their by-watchers. They are usually the best popular tourist attractions all-round the year, however, when their river freezes up, they become otherworldly landscapes. Enjoy the mystical photos of waterfalls that go numb with the effect of winters.

Gullfoss, Iceland

Frozen Waterfall

It is Iceland’s prime tourist attraction which portrays the beauty of alluring ice clad structures created from the freezing waters of the Gullfloss waterfall.

Dow Spout, Galloway Hills, Scotland

Frozen Waterfall

Seems like nature’s very own glass lens. This is the Dow Spout waterfall surfaced over the slopes of Craignaw in Southern Scotland.

Kitsiputous Falls, Finland

Frozen Waterfall

This is the Kitsiputous Falls located near the border cornering Finland, Sweden and Norway.

Taroshi Falls, Japan

Frozen Waterfall

This is nature’s very own master art of falling waters freezing in action by visiting the Taroshi waterfalls located in Iwate, Japan.

Norrköping, Sweden

Frozen Waterfall

It is the second largest lake flowing in Sweden.

Old Man’s Cave, OH, USA

Frozen Waterfall

What an exquisite art piece of flowing water freezing to form a curtain. This is an old man’s cave at Hocking Hills State park in Ohio, USA.

Longchuang Reservoir Dam, China

Frozen Waterfall

Mankind left in awe of nature’s most magical beauty! This is Longchuang Reservoir dam located in Shandong province, China.

The Fang, Vail, CO, USA

Frozen Waterfall

This is a spectacular creation of nature’s own artifact, Vail, Colorado.

Niagara Falls, NY, USA

Frozen Waterfall

A mighty nature’s waterfalls falling asleep, the Niagra falls in winter.

Blue Heaven

Frozen Waterfall

Nature preserving its serene flow even in the extreme temperatures, an ice cave formed behind the waterfall, where water just does not resist to flow, the Blue Heaven.

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