Grand Prismatic Spring- The Splash of Vibrancy in Nature

Nestled in the Midway Geyser Basin, Grand Prismatic Spring is a distinguished hot spring of the Yellow Stone Park, Wyoming in the United States. Spread approximately 370 feet (112.8 m) in diameter and measures up to 121 feet (37 m) deep.

Grand Prismatic Spring

A true mismatch of colors, azure blue, golden brown, perky orange and dazzling green are all assimilated at one place. But, it’s not as unearthly as it seems, as a matter of fact it is one of those amazing natural phenomenon that the earth has been bestowed with.

The brightening of the vivid colors is attributed to bacterial activity that takes places around the edges of the mineral rich pool. It is the largest hot spring in US and the third largest in the world.

Grand Prismatic Spring

The coloration in the microbial mats is highly depended on the ratio of chlorophyll to carotenoids as well as the temperature of the water that acts as a favorable factor for them to grow. During summer, the mats undergo a variation in terms of color, that is, orange and red, whereas, during winters, the mats become green.

The water temperature can range from 147 to 188 F (64 ºC to 87 ºC) during the year. This water is often boiling, and attains the heat from underground vents that support volcanic system.

Grand Prismatic Spring

To know more about this amazing natural phenomenon, view this video:

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