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Chennai to Pune route are always measured to be a very unique route as both the cities are not connected very well by road or by rail. Though the route has adequate number of trains as well as buses operating frequently, still because of the long distances people does not want to spend much of the time on travelling. To get rid of the spending lots of time in travelling, air travelling has become the most preferred method of transportation for people since it saves time along with money.
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There are many low cost airlines that get operated in this route that offers budget Chennai to Pune flights. Earlier to travel in this route, one use to shell out more than Rs. But now with the introduction of many low cost airlines now people can travel with flight of budget Chennai to Pune air- ticket.

Some of the budget Pune flights which get operated from Chennai are Paramount, Spice Jet, Jet Airways Konnect and Indigo. Among these airlines Jet Airways Konnect provides low as well as high rate Chennai to Pune air tickets depending on the time of journey and availability of the ticket.

Spice Jet, Paramount and Jet Airways Konnect are the most preferred as well as popular full services airlines that provide all kind of facilities to its passenger.
Spice Jet
Spice Jet is a full services airlines and it operates only one daily flight in this sector of cheap airfare. The cheap airfare can be achieved by booking the flight ticket at least in 14 days advanced. The first flight from Chennai to Pune is at 4:50 AM which is by Spice Jet Airlines.
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Being the operator of highest number of flights mostly at lowest airfares, the Jetlite airlines are the leader in this route. It provides budget airfare for booking flight at 14 days in advance. Jetlite full services airlines provide 2 almost daily flights to Pune. The first flight of Jetlite from Chennai is at 5:25 AM and the last flight is at 6:20 AM. This is one of the dominating low cost airlines segment in this route.

Jet Airways Konnect:

This full services airline operates only one flight on weekdays and on Sunday. Daily Jet Airways Konnect departs at 6:20 AM that reaches Pune at 2:35 PM. The airfare of the Jet Airways Konnect flight depends on availability of ticket and the season of the journey. Depending on the availability of ticket as well as season of the journey the price of air ticket for Chennai to Pune sector can vary from Rs. 500 to Rs.12000 for single way journey. Sometime the price of air tickets also depends on the date of booking. If the booking is done 14 days in prior then one will be able to book the best rates in this flight.

There are near about 63 weekly budget flights from Chennai to Pune. With the option of so many choices one will obviously prefer to travel by air. Today the dream of flying a luxury travel has come true with an affordable price from various airlines.

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