Shame-Faced Crab- The Shy Crustacean

Shame Faced Crab

The shame-faced crab was initially discovered in Tokyo Bay, Japan. They belong to the genus Calappa, but have gotten their names from their appearance which indicates that they are covering their faces. Further, species of this kind tend to possess large reddish-pink spots on their pincers which make them look more embarrassed.

It feeds on other marine creatures like snails, oysters, and other crabs. It is very much adept in cracking any shell. At its base, it consists of a large accessory tooth and a flat plate that acts as a vice. The pincers on the left side have the ability to extract the snail’s body from a broken shell.

Shame Faced Crab

Whenever they are threatened, they hide their legs while enveloping its body forming a well armored box, and that’s the reason why they are also called box crab. They have a distinctive bulky carapace (outer shell). Their length can reach up to 3.5 inches and have a width of nearly 5 inches. (9 cm to 12.7 cm)

The shame-faced crab is a lazy little crustacean. Besides these peculiar qualities, they have incredibly powerful claws too. They have evolved to hold their claws in front of them. However, whenever they do that, it seems they are hiding in shame, hence the name.

Shame Faced Crab

They have quite sharp and saw-like teeth. Once they take hold of their prey there is no escape! Although they are few inches in length, when they are beneath the sand, they have the capacity to shoot a stream of water from its mouth that is foot long. Shooting the water upwards moves the overlaying sand grains that allows them to take a breath. Truly, a one-of-a-kind crab and an amazing marine creature!

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