The Corpse Flower- The Flower that Stinks!

Flower Stinks

They say that the earth laughs in flowers, but is it an evil grin by earth when a corpse flower is grown? The corpse flower has indeed changed the definition of sweet-scented and delightful traits of flowers. Yes, they are stinky as hell and emit odors that smell like rotting flesh. One such flower has recently grown in the National Botanic Garden of Belgium and attracted over 4,000 visitors over a span of three days. It bloomed after a long gap of 7 years, whereby its unexpected appearance wooed visitors. Foul odor was never such a hit before!

Such was the frenzy that people came all the way to have a glimpse of this plant wearing suits and high heels. They waited in queues for long hours to have a quick peak of this exotic plant. The plant was 8-foot tall.

Flower Stinks

Apart from being notorious for their awful smell, they are cactus like succulent plants. Titan arum corpse flower can easily grow up to 3 feet (0.9 m) across and weigh up to 15 pounds (6.8 kg). Also known as ‘carrion flowers’, they are truly adept in attracting scavenging flies and beetles that get used as pollinators. Many a species of insects get trapped inside which ensures the gathering and transfer of pollen. Scientifically known as ‘Titan Arum’, this is an inflorescent plant, a fancy way of describing a single plant stem with many flowers. Its spadix undergoes a heating process that enhances the emission of a strong stench.

They are short-lived as their blooming period lasts for about 48 hours and as soon as they reach their termination point, they collapse. They usually flower in the early hours of morning or late hours of night. They require immense heat and humid conditions and that is the reason they are rarely put on display. The reason why they take so much time to grow is that they store enough energy to bloom. Every year they conjure energy to develop leaf by leaf and fully bloom years later only to become news. The garden’s last corpse plant bloomed in the year 2007.

Flower Stinks

Though the images of flower titan arum seem an ugly, it is doubtlessly wonderful!

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