The Sun’s Magnetic Field Has Flipped (Danger to Earth?)

Sun Magnetic Field Flipped

According to NASA’s estimation, the sun is going to undergo a complete magnetic field reversal. A solar physicist named Todd Hoeksema of Stanford University has reportedly said that “This change in solar magnetic field will have ripple effects throughout the solar system.”

The sun’s polarity experiences a change in its magnetic field at a regular interval of 11 years. The innermost ‘dynamo’ of the sun goes through a cycle whereby it re-organizes itself. The dynamo process is reversing the electrical conducting fluids at the equator, in the case of the Earth; it is molten iron, whereas in the case of the Sun, they are ionized gases. Very soon, the Sun is expected to undergo Solar Cycle. Since 1976, the world has been witnessing three grand reversals of the Sun, with a fourth one which is expected to turn up this year.

Sun Magnetic Field Flipped

So what exactly happens when the Sun’s magnetic fields go for a toss?

The intensity of the Sun’s polar magnetic fields decline, reach to zero and then come up again with the opposite polarity. The surface of the sun juts outwards from the equator of the Sun that induces the magnetic field with an electric current called current sheet. Hence, this contributes to the ever prevailing solar cycle.

In the science community, the Suns magnetic field reversal is a big event. The influence of the sun’s magnetic field and solar polar reversal is beyond the purview of Earth, it extend billions of kilometers, probably beyond Pluto.

Sun Magnetic Field Flipped

Such transitions can stir up the stormy cosmic rays around the Earth. Cosmic rays are high-energy particles possessing the speed of light by supernova explosions and other powerful events that have been taking place in the galaxy. They can pose a threat to astronauts and space probes.

Scientists also estimate that the rate at which Aurorae are observed will be comparatively higher than usual.

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