Eating out is one of life’s great pleasures. It’s a chance to really spend time with friends and family over some delicious food, a bottle of wine and the best part is no cooking or washing up involved! Sussex has a great number of eateries to choose from serving a huge variety of cuisines and catering to different taste buds. A special occasion calls for a special place to eat but finding somewhere can be tough if you have never been there before. Follow this guide for the all the best places to eat in Sussex, from pub grub to Mediterranean mezze or fine dining.


Pub grub

There is nothing cozier than a meal in a country pub with the fire roaring and a pint of ale in hand. The great thing about pubs is you don’t have to dress up you can come as you are and really relax and enjoy the food and the company. As Sussex is in the heart of the countryside there are a great many pubs around any corner. The Lamb at Angering is a lovely old pub originally built in the 18th century with a Charles II fireplaces and hotel rooms should you wish to stay. The pub sources all their food locally so you can know that by visiting you are helping local businesses and tasting the regional flavors.

International Cuisine

Restaurants are becoming more and more multinational with food available to us from all over the globe without even leaving the country. The great thing about an international restaurant is that you and your group can try something new together and have fun with it. For example, the restaurants you might find in Sussex include Italian, French, Spanish, Greek even Vietnamese. The top rated international restaurant in Sussex is Mediterranean Delicatessen in Brighton. An Italian restaurant, it opens as a delicatessen during the day but closes as a restaurant at night.

Fine Dining

If you really want to celebrate in style, there are a few really exquisite restaurants based in Sussex if you want to push the boat out. Horsham is host to two in particular; Tristan is a Michelin starred restaurant serving French cuisine while Wabi, a favorite of Adele, is a Japanese restaurant headed up by the former head chef of Nobu in London. On top of this, you could visit the 5* hotel and Michelin star restaurant, South Lodge Hotel in Lower Beeding. It has been rumored that many high profile celebs have stayed here when shooting scenes for movies.

After hours

If you’re after a dining experience which does not stop at dessert, many restaurants are also cocktail lounges and wine bars where you can carry on the party after dinner. Woodies Wine Bar & Brasserie in Chic Hester is en pointe with this concept combining the restaurant with a wine bar. With a great atmosphere and lively air it is perfect to continue your celebrations through the night.



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