A Tortoise named Schildi gets saved by a prosthetic wheel


Look at this tortoise and you will notice that there is something wrong with it. This tortoise got deeply injured due to an infection in its leg after it was abandoned by its former owners. Luckily the tortoise was found by a caretaker and later brought to a team of veterinarians situated in Germany.

The veterinarians named the tortoise Schildi, which name is German for Shield and they came up with an inventive solution to replace the missing leg with a wheel after the tortoise landed in a toy box.


The doctors used a special glue to attach a double-wheeled prosthetic to Schildi. However, this first prosthetic made it difficult for Schildi to turn corners and eventually the idea was thought up of replacing this with a single wheel.


After a successful operation Schildi returned to an animal shelter and the only problem this pirate looking tortoise now faces is getting a flat tire…


Schildi made a fast recovery and as seen in these pictures, is back on the move and always scooting around. Watch this video, and you will be touched.

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