The Assassin Bug and its Kiss of Death


Assassin Bugs are known for being aggressive and are not afraid to attack much larger creatures. These little critters trick spiders by mimicking helpless prey caught in a spider’s web. When the spider than runs towards these little tricksters, the Assassin bug stabs the spider with their beak or snout and injects a toxin that dissolves tissue.

They range in size from 10 to 25 mm (0.4 to 1 inch) and they use its tiny, three-segmented beak to draw the body fluids from its victims. Besides being aggressive; this bug is also a bit macabre, because after feeding on its victim, they wear their corpse as armor.


When there is a lack of food, they may even eat each other adding a cannibalistic flavor to their aggressive, macabre character. The females are considered to be the better “assassin” since they have a higher need for proteins to produce their eggs.

They also have the ability to suck blood from vertebrates and humans as well, and are also known as the Kissing bug for the fact that it bites humans near their mouths. This bite can be quite painful, and may cause faintness, swelling, and even vomiting… So watch out for these critters!

They can be usually found under stones or barks of trees and generally are black or dark brown, but some species can also be brightly colored. Though they are aboriginal to central Europe, they have spread throughout the southern parts of North America after an accidental introduction into the port of New York.


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