Green Lightning – A Striking Flash of Nature’s Beauty

Some wise person once quoted “the sky is the limit”, but let me tell you, in the case of lightning, it is beyond bounds. As lightning strikes, you will notice the striking bolt appearing and disappearing in a matter of a second, you may also notice the color change of the sky from the typical dark sky to a different color like e.g. bright blue, pink, orange, red or even green.

Striking Flash Nature Beauty

The weather plays a pivotal role in the changing colors of lightning. During snowstorms, you may notice lightning strikes with a pink or green color. Nevertheless, the fact associated with green lightning may not be true as the lightning is not green.

Striking Flash Nature Beauty

Wondering why this green color happens? Well, because a portion of the bright white light of lightning is absorbed or diffracted by the atmosphere. Similarly, there are color differences when dust, haze, moisture or raindrops cloud the atmosphere. Such factors can result in a variation of colors that fill the sky during the strike of lightning.

Striking Flash Nature Beauty

So when lightning travels through open air, it emits a white light and local atmospheric conditions are the cause for the different colors we observe surrounding the white bolt.

Seeing such a unique phenomena of nature can be considered a wonder and it´s striking flash is embedded in the beauty of nature.

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