Sailfin Flying fish– The Birdy Fish Wonder

Fish are meant to live in water, but have you ever seen a fish that lives in water and is also able to fly? That’s right, there is a species of fish that can glide as well as fly over water, i.e. the Sailfin Flying fish (scientifically, known as Exocoetidae).

Sailfin Flying fish

Historically, these fish are found in the waters of Barbados, and are truly a wonder to watch. This beautiful fish swims in swarms and are seen gliding above the water.

Sailfin Flying fish

This unique fish has the ability to jump out of water with powerful, self-propelled leaps and their long wing-like fins enable the Sailfin to glide into flight for a seemingly, unimaginably long distance.

Sailfin Flying fish

The Sailfin Flying fish developed this unique attribute as a natural defense mechanism to evade their predators. You can watch this video of these Sailfin Flying fish gliding and flying.

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