St. John’s – the Caribbean version of heaven on earth

The Caribbean islands have always topped the dream destination lists of the discerning travelers. With more than 365 islands awaiting excited tourists all year long, it is not the easiest of tasks for travelers to zero in on which island to visit for the most unforgettable memories. Wouldn’t you want a crazy cocktail of awe inspiring natural beauty, thrilling adventures, mouth watering cuisines, laid back cafes, and buzzing nightlife to hit you? If you nodded in the affirmative to the above, St. John’s is where you need to pack your bags for. Here’s more on how this tranquil Caribbean island has been making its moves up the popularity charts of hottest island destinations for international travelers, with the wonderful shades of beauty, adventure and culture that it has been painting for its visitors.


Beaches that leave lasting impressions on your mind, and eternal memories in your heart

Arguably, St. John’s is home to the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean, and you would not need much convincing apart from a look of these beaches to believe that. For a happening day at the beach, VisitUSVI, a premier travel blog connecting visitors to the best of US Virgin Islands, suggests that you need to head over to the Hawksnest Beach and enjoy the unsurpassed beauty of the velvety sands and the shimmering waters. Picnic scenes are laid out in front of your eyes, everywhere around the beach. Enjoy barbeque grill preparations and stunning snorkeling reef experiences here. The Francis Beach, although not the widest and grandest of beaches, can be accessed by a car, or a breathtaking hiking trail, and offers just the right amount of privacy to lovers and loners to let their innermost thoughts come out to the fore.


Bays you can’t afford missing out on

If you are in St. John’s with your family, there’s no better retreat for you than the calm and shallow waters of the Maho Bay. A boat ride is the best way to get to enjoy the views of the calm waters and the backdrops in the distance. If you are looking for an experience that moves you from the core, head over to Salt Pond Bay, where the most magical snorkeling and swimming expeditions await you. The serenity and seclusion of the bay mean that you can be with yourself, and savor the flavors of silence. For the adventure seeker, there’s the Trunk Bay, where white powdery sands unleash mesmerizingly beautiful sights for the visitors to cherish. Also, the National Park here boasts of a unique underwater snorkeling trail, where exciting and interesting information awaits you.


Appeasing and addictive – the cultural and historical side of St. John’s

It’s not always about splashing yourself in the caressing waters of all the breathtaking beaches of St. John’s. In fact, you have a fair deal of history and culture to savor here as well. Featuring in Expedia’s top suggested getaways in St. John’s, the Annaberg Sugar Plantation Ruins take you more than 200 years back in time. The ruins of the windmill will certainly have you pondering over the yester years. You might be lucky enough to come across a cultural exhibition from the locals. Then, there’s the Elaine Ione Sprauve Library & Museum to give you flavors of the yore in the form of artifacts and photographs. The Reef Bay Trail & Petroglyphs trek is a fair blend of beauty, adventure, and history, and takes you through several sugar plantations and rock carvings.

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